Saturday, 28 June 2014

Fortune Telling Wedding Favour Tutorial

These fortune tellers are the perfect wedding favours for a book themed day. It allows you to get creative and to add a personal touch to your day, and creating them yourself means it wont break the bank 
(and leaves more money for the dream dress!)

I used to love making fortune tellers in primary school, they gave us hours on fun in the playground it brought back a flood of memories whilst making these. Your guests are sure to feel the same way, and it's a great ice breaker game for the tables. It invites everyone to start 
a conversation with one another. 

1) Start with a single page and remove the white borders with scissors. If you're worried about destroying a book try and find one that's already falling apart in a charity shop!  Fold the left hand corner 
upwards until it reaches the opposite side.

2) Next fold the right hand corner upwards until it reaches the opposite side.

3) Remove the excess paper with a pair of scissors. You can throw this away or keep it for other paper decorations.

4) Unfold the triangle into a square and lay it flat. 
Take each of the corners and fold them inwards until they meet in the centre. 

5) Turn the page over and fold each of the corners inwards until they meet in the centre. 

6) Fold the page in half once.

7) Unfold and pull the four ends together, making a diamond-like shape. Pick up each of the four square flaps, and put your fingers inside. You will be able to move the four parts around.

8) Lay the fortune teller flat again with the four flaps upwards.

 9) On each of the four flaps write a different genre of literature.
 I chose crime, romance, sci-fi and classic's but you could also use horror, non-fiction, thriller, children's and any others that take your fancy!

10) Turn the fortune teller over and each of the eight sides write a different number. 

11) Underneath each of the numbered flaps should be the fortune that you wish to predict for your guests.  I decided my question would be "Who is your literary lover ?" and chose eight famous characters to write underneath each of the flaps. You could ask other questions such as "What book are you ?"or even theme it to a specific book with a question like "Which Harry Potter character are you ?" 

The possibilities truly are endless!

12) Repeat step 7 and here you have the finished result! 
The perfect wedding favour for your big day! 


Let me know what you think in the comments, what questions and fortunes would you use ?


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